Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a space in which clients can explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences in safety.  The task is simple: to put your thoughts and feelings into words.  In becoming more aware of the full range of emotional experience, there can be an integration of the unconscious into the conscious. 

Couples Therapy

As much as we long to be in close relationships, intimacy is always fraught with conflict and challenge.  All relationships go through seasons of dissonance, which is often the time couples seek help.  If conflict is successfully worked through, there is potential for a new depth of intimacy.  The friction of conflict can also spur individual growth.  My approach is based in developing understanding of oneself and opening up to understand one's partner. Developing the capacity to listen from the heart honors your partner and has enormous dividends in all relationships.

Group Therapy  

Those who would like to learn more about themselves within the context of their relationships benefit greatly from group therapy.  Group members experience a deep sense of belonging and acceptance within the group.  Members are challenged about their maladaptive ways of relating in the midst of a place of acceptance.  There is the opportunity to understand relational tendencies in vivo, and to practice new, more adaptive ways of relating.  Group therapy allows members to gain understanding of their place within the larger world and to experience more satisfying relationships.

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Individual (50 minutes): $150                                                                                                       

Couples (50 minutes): $160                                                                                                             

Group (90 minutes): $50                                                                                                                   


Your appointment slot is reserved specifically for you.  Please give me as much notice as possible when you need to cancel an appointment.  I require 24 hours notice and charge the full fee for appointments cancelled within 24 hours.