My approach to psychotherapy is rooted in the tradition of depth psychologies, which investigate the hidden or deeper aspects of human experience, those that are not necessarily apparent to us upon initial observation.  I collaborate with clients to study parts of themselves that they may not understand and that may cause problems in living.  We do so with compassion and we respect the ways you have learned to be in the world thus far.  In approaching the work of psychotherapy with openness and curiosity, we can learn a lot about ourselves.  When people feel safe, important and previously misunderstood parts of the self can emerge.  Once seen and digested, these parts can become integrated to bring about a sense of wholeness and increased capacity to meet life’s challenges.

As part of this process, I work with clients to harness and utilize their emotional lives to serve them in moving towards the lives they want.  All emotions communicate something of value and are therefore encouraged in our work.  I find that clients feel empowered when they can effectively use their feelings rather than to be overcome by them.

Another important part of my approach is use of the therapeutic relationship.  Psychotherapy occurs within a relational context, whether in the individual or group setting, and I regard it as an experiential process.  In the room, I am deeply present and engaged with clients, and I bring in my intuition and creativity.  I invite the use of metaphor, dreams, imagery, somatic awareness, and mindfulness practices.